Who We Are

New Life Church is a testimony to the faithfulness of God. We love to tell about the rich spiritual history of the church, and we are excited about all of the future work God has in store for us!

How We Started

The church started in 1979 with our 24 year old founding pastor, Dusty Kemp, needing a miracle. He had officially become pastor of the church earlier that afternoon, and learned that rent was due the following day. There was very little in the church bank account and the need was great. Dusty prayed, and without even mentioning the need to the 20 people in attendance, God proved Himself faithful by providing more than was needed miraculously, and that was just the beginning of the many miracles we would see. After Dusty's passing in 2016, the miraculous work of the Lord has continued with Pastors Brett and Mary Kemp-Smith. Today by the wisdom and leading of God, we are debt free and positioned for the future, but provision isn’t the only miracle we’ve seen.

Expanding the Vision

We have experienced prolonged seasons of revival and awakening in the presence of God. These times have marked us and left us hungry for more. We love His presence and we want other people to experience it. We worship Him passionately, live by His word, and see transformation because of His power in our lives and the lives of those we come into contact with. Knowing Him has changed us, and given us a deep desire to make Him known so we sow into the kingdom of God both here in our region, and around the world. We have been put to work by God in times of disaster, and storms helping to provide for both physical and spiritual needs. We have helped to build orphanages, hospitals, and sown into the harvest of souls around the world. Today we are a church as diverse as the region we are called to effect, and there is a place in this family of believers for you.

What We're About

Coming into God’s house should feel like coming home; a safe place to be loved and discipled. New Life is a model family of people dedicated to
knowing Jesus and making Him known. We believe that every one who believes in Jesus is called to be a minister of the gospel and we all have a part to play in sharing the good news. We are a church that is passionate about restoring people to the heart of God. We are committed to strengthening the family of God by continually hosting His presence and loving people into relationship with Jesus. We believe in training in His word, and equipping to gather others into His family.

Our Pastors

Pastors Brett Smith & Mary Kemp-Smith

For the last 30 years we have been loving and serving the people that God uses to build His local church. We believe that the good news of Jesus changes lives, and the joy of our lives is to see people transformed by the love of God.

Our Team

Our team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations of New Life. We are passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known in every area of our church!

Joshua & Dusti Beard

Associate Pastors

Sherri Leon


Emily Schulze

Children's Church Coordinator

Dennis Arima

Discipleship & Media

LeeAnn Vance

Prayer Ministry

Debbie Smith


Sheldon & Yvette Scott

Worship Ministry

Be a part of our story!

Join us every Sunday at 10:30am and Wednesday at 7pm as we gather to worship together.