Cotten Candy And The Raccoon by Pastor Brett Smith

Feb 8, 2024

The sermon covers Pastor Brett sharing his testimony on the transformative power of God's Word in his life over the past 10 years. He shows a video of a raccoon taking cotton candy and trying to wash it in the water and it dissolves. The word that tickles your ears won’t benefit you much like the cotton candy illustration.  Pastor Brett recounts how God spoke promises to him in 2014 after a difficult decade, which were initially unbelievable but gradually came to pass, changing his life and perspective. Key themes include actively keeping God's words in your heart, the Word's power to heal and restore, submitting to hard but necessary words, testifying to strengthen others' faith, trusting God's faithfulness through trials, and becoming conformed to Christ's image. Action items relate to identifying, standing on and testifying about specific words from God.