Welcome to TAPESTRY,

The Women's Ministry of New Life Church!

God has uniquely created and designed each one of us to fulfill His plan and purpose. Just as a single thread of a tapestry is woven together with the others to form a complete picture, each of our lives form the complete picture of Jesus Christ when we are woven together by the Holy Spirit.

Join us as the Spirit of God weaves
a Tapestry of the Love of God!

for more information email us at women@newlifechurch.net or visit us on facebook

spiritual Growth

Coming together for the sole purpose of seeking the Lord, knowing Him more, and experiencing Him in a more intimate way through a deeper study and revelation of His word.

Contact: Sherri Leon
Location: Kid's Kastle (childcare provided)
Time: Every Tuesday at 7:00 pm








Jail and Prison Ministry

An opportunity for ladies who feel called to prison ministry to share the light and love of God with other women during their time of need.

Contact: Cynthia Jennings
Location: To be announced by email
Time: To be announced by email


Hannah's cry

Prayer and Intercession for our children.

Contact: Aida Roberts tapestry.hannahscry@gmail.com
Location: to be announced
Time: 1st Saturday of each month






Women's mentorship group

Biblical wisdom, encouragement and prayer.

Contact: Margie Richardson
Location: to be announced
Time: See Tapestry table for updated information