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Testimony - Psalm 23 - Pastor Mary Kemp

Starting From Scratch - Mario Murillo

Mario Murillo

No Fear - Dianna de Valle

How We See God & How God Sees Us - Pastor Brett Smith

The Word of the Lord Will Test You - Corey Russell

The Father's Honor - Ron Watty

Faith & the Renewal of the Mind - Brett Smith

Strength for the Battle Weary - Keith Miller

How to Change Your Life - Brett Smith

Singlemindedness & Whole Hearted - Freedom, Brett Smith

Doug Stringer

Stand/Persevere - Pastor Mary Kemp

Building Your Heavenly Identity - Ron Watty

What We Need to do in this New Season - Dianna de Valle

Mature Child of God - Brett Smith

Hunger for the Glory of God - Keith Miller

We Need a Revelation of the Mercy of God - Corey Russell

Choose to Speak Life (The Word of God) - Brett Smith

Sunday Morning Service - Ron Watty

Delighting in God's Word - Corey Russell

Don't Give Up Your Seat!- LeeAnn Vance

Who God the Father Isn't - Brett Smith

7 Levels of the Spirit - Dionny Baez

Identity & The Path to Righteousness - Ron Watty

Identity in Christ - Iztzak Mor-Haim

Discussing Pastor Dusty Kemp - Mary Kemp & Brett Smith

LeeAnn Vance

Beholding to Becoming- Corey Russell

Resurrection Sunday - Brett Smith

Being Available for God - Brett Smith

Chris Burns

Testimony - Mary Kemp

Spiritual Hunger - Corey Russell

What Are You Wearing? Rory Davis

Todd White

Jesus, Teach Us to Pray - Corey Russell

Marriage - Rory & Stephanie Davis

How to Stand Firm - Brett Smith

Knowing Jesus & Making Him Known - Mary Kemp

Overcoming Fear & Anxiety - LeeAnn Vance & Ron Watty

Our Need to Be Continually Filled by the Holy Spirit - Keith Miller

Faith for Financial Increase - Mylon Lefevre

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit - LeeAnn Vance

The 7 Seasons of Prayer - Aaron Crider

Being Gripped with the Vision of Whole Hearted Love - Randy Campbell

New Years Message for 2017 - Corey Russell

Christmas Message - Mary Kemp

God is Raising Up Shepherd's After His Heart - Corey Russell

Who Are You Listening To? - Pastor Dusty Kemp

Prayer & Faith

Encouraging Word for America - Sunday PM service - Mario Murillo

Don't Be Afraid, You Must Fulfill Your Destiny - Mario Murillo

Dominion & Domain - Dianna de Valle

Jesus' Community Connection

Self Righteousness vs. The Righteousness of Christ- Josh Beard

How To Solve Every One of Your Problems

The Blessing of Christian Fellowship - LeeAnn Vance

Starting a Revolution of Peace & Love

Starting a Revolution of Peace & Love

How to Respond to the 2016 Election Results

Two Points to Consider in Life

Idolatry & the Spirit of Entitlement

Discernment with Compassion - Ron Watty

Adopting the View & Attitude of the Father

Testimonies - LeeAnn Vance

God's Infusion of His Grace is Available for You Today

Watch What You Are Beholding - LeeAnn Vance

Finding Jesus in Every Book of the Bible - Loren Cunningham

Ending Bible Poverty - Loren Cunningham

Mario Murillo

Mario Murillo

Communion Truths

Who Will Take a Stand for Jesus?

The Key to Encountering the Living God

The Comfort of God - Pastor Dusty & Mary Kemp

Get Your Focus off of Your Problems & onto Jesus

The Fellowship of His Suffering - LeeAnn Vance

Feeling Overwhelmed? There is Only One Solution

What is Covenant Community? LeeAnn Vance

What to Do when Going Through "Stuff"

The Biblcal Definition of Fellowship

What is God's Purpose for Your Life?

5 Ways to Experience the Presence of God

Be of Sober Spirit & Be On the Alert

Look Up & Within, Not Down & Around

Strengthened by God's Grace

Faith in His Word During Trials - Chris Burns

The Battle is the Lord's

Living to Please God

America's Hope for Revival - Rick Curry

Preconceived Expectations Will Distort What God Says

Discerning the Battle in Spirit World - LeeAnn Vance

The 5 Tenants of "Christianism"

Renewing Your Mind - Q&A Ron Watty & LeeAnn Vance

How to React to a Mass Casualty Event

Give No Place to the Devil

The Great Commission Pt.2, Go & Make Disciples

The Great Commission - How to Win the World

Memorial Day - Remembering Those Who Sacrificed for Our Freedom

Knowing What Faith is and What Faith is Not in Preparation for the Days Ahead - Debra DeGar

Predestination vs. Free Will

Dealing With Anger

How to Solve the Problems of the World

The Antichrist

The Power of Our Words - LeeAnn Vance

The Differences Between Holy & the Profane

Prophetic Intercession - LeeAnn Vance & Ron Watty

Prayer - "Who Do You Think You Are Talking To? Corey Russell

What Does it Mean to Glorify God

The Meaning of Not My Will But Your Will Be Done

A Generous Church Filled with Love - Ron Watty

Donald Trump & the Thing

What Do You See?

The Anchor of Our Soul in Times of Shaking

Q & A - The Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Ron Watty & LeeAnn Vance

Resurrection Sunday

Jesus Did Nothing on Wednesday of His Last Week on Earth

Living Jesus' Last Week

Questions & Answers on Prayer - LeeAnn Vance & Ron Watty

Knowing God vs. Knowing About God

Mario Murillo

Do You Know Jesus & Does He Know You?

Knowing Him Involves a Willingness to Obey

Solving Identity Issues

What Question Would You Ask Jesus?

What Is Your Purpose in Life?